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Vintage Women Dresses: The New Fashion Trend In 2019
Fashion Trends / February 20,2019
By jollyhers

Good morning everyone, nice to see you again! With the rise of vintage style, vintage lady dresses become the next new fashion trend in 2019. For us, the stylish vintage dress is one of the must-have items in this transition season, which not only give you a high-end and steady look but also is the symbol of hipster.

Today we are going to recommend some

Classic Work Dresses For Women: Best Looks With Modern Style
Life Style / February 18,2019
By jollyhers

Hello ladies, how do you do? It's never too late to study what to wear for work, here is the right place to find all styles dresses for work wear. When it comes to what to wear for work, the classic work dress is become the best looks with modern style and is the best choice for ladies in work place. Simple and professional, these office-ready dresses are appropriate for working days from p ...

Pick The Right Bohemian Dresses To Enjoy Your Vacation
Life Style / February 15,2019
By jollyhers

Hello everyone. Are you ready to enjoy your vacation? And do you wanna to stand out in the crowds during the holiday? So, it is very significant for you to pick the right dress. Today we are going to give you some tips on how to wear your boho dresses to get the right style.

As we all know, boho dress is always one ...

Trendy Pastel Dresses: Must-have Items In The Coming Summer
Fashion Trends / February 13,2019
By jollyhers

At the SS2019 show in New York, a large number of mint green, light pink, buff, purple and ice blue were found to show a glossy texture through lightweight gauze, mercerized cotton and silk suiting fabrics. As the popular color of spring and summer of 2019, today we will take a look at the wonderful interpretation of the pastel color.

Light Rainbow Colors--- Mint Green

The c ...

Spring 2019 Must-Have Stylish Blouses & T-shirts For Women
Fashion Trends / January 31,2019
By jollyhers

As a fashion trend, women blouses have never been out of fashion trends, and it can easily be suitable for a variety of occasions full of fashion.

Today we would have a deep discussion about what’s the must-have stylish women blouses & t-shirts in spring of 2019?

A stylish blouse is designed by knot ...

How To Choose Stylish Velvet Dress For Women In Spring 2019?
Fashion Trends / January 30,2019
By jollyhers

In addition to the fur coat, velvet fabric is the best selling fabric in the spring of 2019, which is popular with fashion ladies. It is not only rich in sense of high quality and luster, but also is more stylish in the design of the dress. 

Let's talk about the following of women velvet dresses, we believe ...

Spring 2019 Women Fashion Items: Ready To Wear
Fashion Trends / January 30,2019
By jollyhers

What's the fashion trends in 2019? With the spring coming, everyone is most concerned about this question.  What to wear to look best in 2019? Which items to wear to be considered as a real hipster in spring & summer of 2019? Today, let's talk about which lady items are must-have in spring of 2019?

Firstly, let's take about which color is the most popular in 2019 ...

Spring 2019 Fashion Trends: Prints & Patterns Women Dresses
Fashion Trends / January 30,2019
By jollyhers

The prints and patterns, inspired by the comforts of the home and the upholstery in mid-century, are exquisite, old and charming. Designers absorb the essence of the past to provide inspiration for the future, using old designs and crafts to create beautiful and enduring pieces, and giving them a strong vitality and cross-season appeal.

Today, let’s talk about the Spring 2019 fa ...

How To Choose The Perfect Dress For Graduation Party?
Special Occasion Style / January 28,2019
By jollyhers

Hey graceful girls, Congratulations for your graduation! Are you ready to join the graduation party? Since this party is a serious thing, you should also thoroughly consider what will you be wearing during the whole party. More significantly, choosing a right dress is definitely to feel comfortable. As we all know, graduation party can last even more than a few hours so you surly do not wanna t ...

Top 4 Women Blouses You Should Try In Spring of 2019
Fashion Trends / January 25,2019
By jollyhers

What is the most popular clothing for fashion women in this transitional season? Are you looking for a kind of Spring wear to stay comfortable and fashionable all the time? With the effortless chic flavor, women blouse perhaps is the ultimate spring staple for most of us. A women blouse would be a wonderful choice to refresh your Spring outfits, if you wanna to head out in Spring. So join us to ...

What To Wear For Every Fashion Girl On Valentine's Day?
Festival Style / January 23,2019
By jollyhers

Any girl is desirous of an have a memorable date night on Valentine's Day. In order to be shinny on this special moment, girls would become very selective and wanna to pick up the best color, style and design for her dresses.

Today we will talk about what to wear for girls on Valentine’s Day would become stylish and impressive. You can click the following photos, if you wann ...

Women Fashion Trends You Shouldn’t Miss In 2019
Fashion Trends / January 21,2019
By jollyhers

Time flies in the blink of an eye. It’s officially 2019 now! Since It’s the new year 2019 already started, let’s talk about some women fashion trends in 2019, shall we? Today, we will introduce 3 fashion trends you shouldn’t miss in 2019. Are you ready to start?

We have witnessed many unforgettable fashion trends last year, which ...

How To Style Spring 2019 Fashion-Ladies Wardrobe?
Fashion Trends / January 05,2019
By jollyhers

There are so many gorgeous, charming & stunning women clothing with top quality on Jollyhers.com. But do you know what items are the most popular in Spring of 2019? And how to style your fashion wardrobe in Spring of 2019? Let’s take a in-depth discussion and find out what should be keep & update in your wardrobe. Of course, you can click the photos, if ...

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