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About Us

Welcome to Jollyhers. Parenthood and childhood should be the most memorable periods in the life. Jollyhers is an online store where parents can easily find out the fashion and comfortable clothes for kids and themselves. Here, you can find high-quality clothes with affordable price. 

Our company

Jollyhers.com is dominated by a team of ladies. All of them pursue for independence and freedom. As moms, they know clearly how to dress up their babies fashion and comfortably. As women, they are modern at work and delicate at free time. Therefore, they have unique views on fashion trends of kids and moms. 
Besides, as all our staff is high-demanding to life, we can totally understand how important the high quality is to kids and moms. So we have the assigned manufacturers so that we can firm our hands off the tillers in design and quality. 

Our products

We have a wide range of kids' and women’s clothes, from regular clothing to suits for formal occasions, even to family matching outfits. 
Taking the sensitive skin into consideration, we mainly choose soft and breathable materials to make clothes. We strongly recommend you to choose cotton fabric clothes for your newborns. Besides, most prom dresses are made from lace or other materials. But don’t worry about the quality. All materials we use make the standard, with no harm to you and your kids. 
With the pursuit of comfort, all clothes should also be vogue and adorable in design. The parents in our team all have a very keen sense of trends. It could be able to give you some inspiration to dress up your princess/prince on our site, and also offer more chances to dig out other possibilities of you. 

Our service

In order to fit into the top notch kids and women clothing, we strive to provide an excellent level of customer service to you. 
On our site, it is clearly written about how long you can receive the items. Usually all orders are processed in 2 – 5 days. The standard shipping takes another 7 – 15 days, but it’s free shipping on our site now. 
At any time, you are a lady at first. So make you live more meaningfully and delicately. And then, you could be a modern and competent mom. So don’t forget to dress up your kids, fashion and decent. 
At last, your feedbacks are what make us better and more motivated. So whether you are satisfied with the quality or service after purchase, you are welcome to leave a comment under the certain items. 
Thank you for your coming. If you have anything confused about our site, please contact us via email: [email protected] or call us at +85281974699  (available at 1am-10am GMT from Monday to Friday).

Welcome to Jollyhers!

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