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Payment Methods

There are three payment methods on our site, as below:

Payment methods

1. Pay by PayPal Balance.

If you have PayPal Account and enough balance in your account, you can choose the first payment method to pay by PayPal balance.
pay by PayPal Balance

2. Pay by Credit/Debit Card or banking account through PayPal

If you don’t have enough balance in your PayPal account, or even no PayPal account,you can choose the second payment method on our site. There, you don't need to log in PayPal Account, but choose the country and pay by credit card, debit card, or banking account through PayPal platform directly.
pay with Credit/Debit Card through PayPal

3. Pay by Credit Card directly

If you have credit cards (Visa or Master card), you can choose the following payment method to pay by credit card directly.
pay with Credit Card

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